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The original Flower Card Fundraiser!


First ask yourself this question...If you could buy a certificate for $20.00 that entitled you to go to a Local Florist and receive a FREE Bouquet of flowers every month for an entire year (That's 12 Bouquets) would you buy it? If so…don’t you agree that almost anyone would buy one?  Well believe it or not, that’s what this fundraiser is all about!!

Your group or organization can easily raise up to $3000.00 for your worthy cause in 3-7 weeks. 

Our program has been a success in part because:

  1. "No upfront money; our product is consigned to you.

  2. Unlike wrapping paper or candy, this appeals to all.  (Who doesn’t like flowers?)

  3. Outstanding value for only $20.00.

  4. You have your money before we have ours.

  5. The certificate is valid for an entire year from date sold.

  6. No Local competition with this product.


How Does Our Program Work?

Because our product is so popular, the requests come in fast to take part in our fundraiser.  We match a local florist in your neighborhood to a fundraising group or organization.  Because there are many more groups and organizations in the area than florists, you can see how important it becomes to respond quickly.  Often, we have calls a few weeks later from those who just couldn’t make up their minds.

Because there are a limited number of florists in any one area, it may be too late if you hesitate.

Again, remember NO UPFRONT MONEY IS REQUIRED. We do all the work for you.


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About the Certificate

We will supply you with 300 custom printed FCD "Free Bouquet Floral Certificates", with the fundraiser named on the front and back, much like the sample you see here printed above, for your organization to sell on consignment. NO UPFRONT MONEY REQUIRED! Your commission nets you $10.00 per certificate sold. Your group or organization will have up to 7 weeks to sell as many certificates as possible (300 maximum). The more you sell, the more money you raise. By using the printed materials provided with your certificates, you should be able to sell all the certificates easily within 3-7 weeks. We have a 200 certificate minimum, and you can return unsold certificates after your 200 minimum has been met. The certificate is redeemed by the purchaser at the local florist sponsoring your fundraiser 12 months of FREE FLOWERS, plus discounts and Mylar Balloons. What a bargain! The most frequently asked question is: Is this real? How is it possible to get 12 months of FREE flowers. I simply say… "Yes, It's True." See our Testimonials page for what other groups and organizations had to say.

About the Florist

Why would a florist want to give FREE Bouquets?

It’s simple…the florist named on this certificate is spending what would otherwise be advertising dollars.  The florist has 12 opportunities to win your trust and business.  NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Think of these dollars being spent by the florist as advertising dollars which have already brought results.  The florist gets the potential customer at no charge.

When you then need to buy flowers, hopefully you will think of the same florist who has been giving you a FREE bouquet every month.

Our community-based program is a win/win/win opportunity for everyone involved.

What’s Next?

Please fill out the “I Would Like More Information” form to have a company representative contact you.